FMS2K Associates, Inc.

Founder and principal consultant Frank Miraglia officially launched FMS2K Associates in March of 2003 in
order to provide the demanding, rapidly evolving controls market with the quality products and services needed
to sustain and propel its seemingly limitless growth potential. As a
multi-faceted company, offering a combin-
ation of state of the art products, consultative services and training seminars, FMS2K Associates is uniquely
qualified to provide your business with the solutions necessary to achieve both present and future success.  

As principal consultant, Frank Miraglia brings over 40 years experience in the temperature controls industry to
the table,
having worked for Siemens and Johnson Controls, as well as independent contractors and controls
distributors. He has been involved in designing,
engineering, installing, commissioning and troubleshooting
hundreds of electric, electronic, pneumatic and direct digital control systems over the years. His experience
with digital controls dates back to the
mid 1980s with the Johnson Controls DSC 1000 product line, precursor
to the Johnson Metasys® family.

As we strive to stay current in this
constantly evolving, fast paced environment, FMS2K Associates will continue
to seek the feedback of its clients in order to evaluate their ever changing
requirements. Gathering this
information in a timely manner will allow us to assess our current offerings and determine how they should be
shaped in order to best serve the future needs of our clients.  
Breaking News .....

The CatNet CH-2, the most
economical web server on the
market, now provides the
tools necessary to create
customized "dashboards" for
superior data visualization.
Contact us to arrange an
online demo.

Wall mounted BACnet MS/TP
color display from Airtek along
with a 7" panel mount color
display now available. Con-
tact us for pricing.

BACnet I/P ~ MS/TP Router for
less than $180.00 and it is a
"killer". Contact us for details.

Adobe Flash is "dead". If you
have a 1st generation CatNet
CH-1, which is Flash based,
contact us to help you migrate
to the CH-2.
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